Markboard on a laptop


  • Nuxt
  • Tailwind
  • Firebase
  • Jest
  • Information architecture
  • Accessibility compliance
  • Infrastructure process

Satisfying Curiosity

Part laboratory part bookmarking app, Markboard is a simple bookmarking app that has provided me with the sandbox for continuous improvement and personal growth.

Blurring lines

To blur the gap between front and back-end, I challenged myself by integrating Firebase’s NoSQL database to sync and store all of the app data in real time. I also integrated authentication libraries to get firsthand experience hooking up to identity providers like Google and Github.

On the testing front, I chose Jest to streamline my QA process to cover my bases and aiming for the most efficient and easiest-to-maintain codebase. Coming primarily from a Mocha/Chai/Karma background, Jest turned out to be a breeze to work with, especially when it came to mocking data.

Markboard on an iPhone

Write the Docs

However, the app wasn’t without its setbacks. I originally planned and attempted to implement Supabase as my backend of choice and quickly found their documentation to be a bit difficult to understand and lacking (it’s since gotten better). This served as a great learning experience for me in understanding the power of well-crafted docs in my own day-to-day work.

One Day At A Time

While this app hasn’t made me a back-end expert overnight, it’s been a great place for broadening my understanding of engineering as a whole and it continues to provide me with a chance to gain a larger view of the engineering landscape while becoming a stronger collaborator in the meantime.