Sitka athlete in wilderness

Sitka Gear

  • Suit CSS
  • Semantic markup
  • Mobile first
  • Technical leadership
  • Framework architecture
  • Component library

Saying Yes

While running my own consulting and development practice, I sometimes got opportunities to take on ambitious projects I probably should of said no to, or at least asked for more time (lol). Partnering with a group of engineers and designers over at Unaffiliated, I set out to lead the complete built of a full-blown atomic design library for the high-performance outdoor clothing company Sitka in 6 weeks.

Sitka on mobile

Divide and Conquer

With primary visual designs already completed, we first set out to plan creating components necessary for those designs. Our goal was to build the bare minimum first, so that the rest of our engineering team could build the primary layouts while I continued to focus on the rest of the library.

Sitka on a laptop

Hitting the Mark

Once both were complete we worked closely with the design team at Sitka to present our preliminary mockups as well as the rest of the library. This gave them the tools necessary to further enhance their eCommerce platform from the ground up while providing a consistent user experience overall. Although this project was done quite a while ago, elements of this system remain in place today.